Cattle class trains in India

The Caste system is so well integrated into our culture that its influence is  seen in every aspect of our life including the Railway system Take for  example the passenger trains stop at every station for 5-10 minutes, and let  pass all other higher ranking trains. The next in merit are those Express and Mail Trains who have no time to stop at smaller stations but they do pull back with the approach of the Super Fast Trains. Then there are celebrity high-speed trains – Rajdhani and Shtabdi including Garib Rath or Doranto – You must have  lot of respect for them for they touch only at the main platforms and just  arrrogantly pass by the small rural stations with a hoopla siren sending shivers down your spine.Picture1

Extreme Fashion


Trendhunterskfc-wang in the fashion industry look for bizaare and the weird and Japan has been known as the fashion capital of the world in introducing the most exotic designs. They came up with the galloping boots which left behind the marks of hooves on a snowy day. Lately KFC has teamed up with the popular fashion jeweller Meghan Carroll who has designed goldplated necklaces out of chicken bones. After you eat the flesh of the chicken the bones are collected , goldplated and made into necklaces. Ofcourse …the non-vegetraian jewelry is not packed with fries.

MBA freshers tend to dabble in Jargon

MBA freshers  tend  to dabble in Jargon


When you have a business talk with a young marketing executive, you should be fully aware of the marketing jargon failing which you are made to feel either ignorant or unfit to do business. Business schools’  assessments  of a student’s performance is based on an overload of academic terms often  not intelligible to those streetwise millionaires. For example, a young marketing professional will tell you that  the project’s  “deliverables”  would relate to the “hypothesis”  and “design specifications.”. Though perfectly  fine as it sounds , one should know whether he has an audience who could listen to what he says and understands it fully. There is a  clear disconnect between the executive and a  lay business man. People like to sound more important by their language they use.  Likewise instead of  the cost or fee for a consultant they will like to see a few “costing models” . They imagine that they are  put through a  rigidly formal  situation  and feel highly insecure otherwise. As a contrast in extreme job applicants with Managament degrees tend to build their resumes with colour photos of themselves and  print everything on bold capital letters.  They use stock phrases and clichés often copied from online resume banks. Perhaps it is a good idea after their graduation they  are trained by some of the successful business houses  whose owners are partially educated but  made rich by their clear common sense.



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