Ali Baba has entered the cave!

Alibaba has entered the cave (New York Stock Exchange) and found the treasure ! $ 22 bn in a day…
Alibaba the Chinese ecommerce firm notorious for selling fake Rolex watches and all sorts of substandard goods has caused waves in the Newyork stock market. The price jump today from $68 to ~$96 a share is unfortunately not something your average Joe investor can tap into. Its founder Jack Ma has made history by netting $22 bn in one day…Now the firm is worth $230 bn more than Facebook. Alibaba plans to sell 123 million of those shares itself. Founder Jack Ma is selling 12.75 million shares worth $867 million. That doesn’t sound good at all..There is a very good reason why he was refused a listing on the HK stock market


British Pilot fights legal battle for his trysts in Chennai

50 year old  British Airways pilot Bartle Frere is fighting his legal battle to prove his innocence  against pedophile charges at Bournemouth Crown Court Holding the rank of a senior pilot was accused of molesting young boys .  on his monthly trips to Chennai. It was stated that he lured  his victims from Nochi Kuppam with money and food  and continued his trysts on his kayover time in Chennai. The bachelor pilot denies all the 5 counts of charges claiming that it was all aesthetic quest of beauty.


Cattle class trains in India

The Caste system is so well integrated into our culture that its influence is  seen in every aspect of our life including the Railway system Take for  example the passenger trains stop at every station for 5-10 minutes, and let  pass all other higher ranking trains. The next in merit are those Express and Mail Trains who have no time to stop at smaller stations but they do pull back with the approach of the Super Fast Trains. Then there are celebrity high-speed trains – Rajdhani and Shtabdi including Garib Rath or Doranto – You must have  lot of respect for them for they touch only at the main platforms and just  arrrogantly pass by the small rural stations with a hoopla siren sending shivers down your spine.Picture1

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