Word of Mouth!


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Budget concerned product manufacturers try to save on marketing and rely on word of mouth to go viral. Good idea if the product enjoys uniform endorsement and customer satisfaction. Unless proven for quality and fair pricing, the approach does bring negative results. In the field of technology when gadgets breakdown due to unstable power supply situation in Chennai, beyond the warranty period of six months to one year, manufacturers are known be unresponsive to customers’ calls. It is often a sour experience to get the service staff on time and to fix the problem at reasonable cost. But, Dell has shown the way of extreme customer satisfaction in the case of a Chennai based customer. when his PC broke down before a warranty period of 1 month, he wrote to the company head explaining his hapless situation of trying to get the job done at the local customer service.
The U.S. office immediately dispatched a brand new 4G version costing Rs.1 lakh to him within a week via Malaysia for quality check. This is word of mouth publicity which I am sure would explode though it is unlikely that every disgruntled customer can hope to get a new computer.images

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